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About myself in five bullet points

  • Journalist, Editor, Author of a couple of books

  • Before: Brussels, Paris, New York, Amsterdam

  • Now: CEO of Mediahuis (Irish Independent, Sunday Independent, Sunday World,...)  in Dublin and Belfast.

  • Print and digital

  • Passionate about photography

And if you really want to know... five more

  • Pinot noir and French cheese

  • Paul Smith suits, ties and socks

  • Johan Sebastian Bach and Nina Simone

  • The Godfather, Citizen Kane and Apollo 13

  • Leica M10 and Q3, Summicron 28, 50 and 90 mm


Peter Vandermeersch



If you have any questions, if you would like to chat about photography, if you want to order a print, or if you want us to work together, please feel free to contact me. . 

Thanks for submitting! I will contact you as soon as possible.

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